It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

The first in a series describing how we got started and what we’ve done to get to where we are.

Everyone comes to motorsport on a different path. Some are born into it. Some are inspired by childhood heroes. Others stumble into it: Almost by accident they find themselves trackside inhaling the heady mix of brake dust, unburnt fuel, and exhaust gases. Junkies. They keep coming back for more; the lure of raw speed, big horsepower and bigger risk too much to overcome. It has been said that once you have driven a racing car you will never be the same, and you will never want to stop. This.

Hammerheads Racing. The team makeup is as varied as the paths that led to its creation. A carpenter, a salesman, a photographer, a retiree from the trucking industry. All are married. All have families. None live in the same town. Indeed, over 600 miles separates two of the team from Hammerhead World Headquarters in Maine. And their paths. A high performance driving school. Growing up wrenching in the backyard. Childhood dreams interrupted by life and now resumed. A sim racer seeking more.

They meet via text message, make decisions by email, talk on the phone when immediacy overwhelms. Work parties are attended by some and photos of the progress are shared to all. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Dropbox, Google Drive. It’s racing team management, sponsored by The Internet.

Next we talk about the car.

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